Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Days 'til Our Retreat!~

Our Senior Retreat is scheduled on Monday, September 30. We will be staying at Harmony Village in Sinunuc for three days :D. We were instructed to be in school at 7 AM [EEKKK! Too early! T_T] since the bus that'll pick us up will leave at 8 AM. Those who can't make it on time will not be allowed to attend the Retreat V_V. I have no other choice but to wake up early to avoid being late XD.
Anyways, I only had 2 classes today, Foreign Language 101-Mandarin and Religious Studies 114. Our teacher in FL went to meet us for about 15 minutes only, haha! She just returned our exam papers and then said that we can already go. We were all happy to be dismissed early, except for those who have to stay to take their exams. They were absent the other time, and so their exam was rescheduled. I have a 3hr spare time, and so I went to to pay some bills. When I returned to school, I stayed at the ACIL Office with my friends while waiting for my next class. Mrs.Molina, our Accounting 313 teacher, was out of town and so we didn't have classes for this week. What a bliss! hahaha!~
Something unexpected happened today! When I went out of school to buy some food, I saw an old classmate from Elementary, driving his vehicle. I'm just not sure if he noticed me though, ahahaha!~ In case you wanna know, he was an old admirer from Elementary :X. haha! He's studying at the same university I'm in. When we walk past each other at school or at the corridors, I dunno how to react and I get nervous O_o, hahaha!~ Silly of me, eh? LOL!~
Right after our class in RS, I went home. I can't hardly wait to get my hands on the computer! wahaha!~

OMO!~ It's already 2:21 AM and I'm still awake >_<. I'm still not sleepy. Maybe because today wasn't as stressful and tiring like last week.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Youngwonhee blog is now up!~ XD

Lalalalaa!~ I made a blog account, yet again! haha!~ All of my other blogs are not updated at a regular basis, haha XD. Hopefully, I'll be able to update this one often and try not to be lazy! It's 7:06 PM now and I'm hungry! T__T *runs off to the kitchen***

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